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What does 'Spaces and Places' stand for?

'Spaces and Places' is a new form of overland travel
mainly to the Moroccan Sahara and the wild regions of Andalusia and Murcia.
Individual travel of a special kind: For us it is important that you will be able
to fully experience the 'Spaces and Places' you are at, to be a true part of the
experience. Just step in and open your senses.

How did 'Spaces and Places' come about?

My name is Martin Bialas. I am a painter, photographer and sculptor.
For over 20 years I have been travelling off-road in my Land Rover,
Land Cruiser or Unimog to discover paths and tracks beyond the tarmac.
Driven by a passion for untouched nature and open horizons I began to
develop my work outdoors. Inspiration right at the source.
A lot of time has gone into contemplation, contact with the local
people, navigation and map-reading. Main focus being my admiration,
respect and exchange with local inhabitants and their culture. I speak four
languages making communication so much easier. To share this passion
with you and to bring you close to the magic of the desert, initially inspired
this project. 'Spaces and Places' was born.

What makes this experience special? What is it about?

It is about authenticity. I want to share this soulful and eye-opening
experience with you and bring you closer to people, culture and landscapes
through the vision of my artistic eye. Small groups of maximum six
participants guarantee the exclusive character of the trip. We will spend
nights in the best hotels and lodges available but also in our
'1000-star' bivouacs. Our Moroccan team of assistants will set up camp
every night for you and will treat us to freshly prepared delicious
Moroccan cuisine. Live the true berber ambiance around the camp fire under
the starlit sky of the Kem-Kem-plains, Saghro-mountains or Draa-valley...
A most important part is the possibility to walk in total safety
in the middle of 'nowhere', take out your sketch-book and draw or write or just
relax and contemplate simply being there. Listen to the wind,
perceive your breathing. The desert gives us the unique chance to fully
experience the bare essentials that surround us.

How? How long? Or why not?

That easy: fly in by aircraft and I will pick you up at the airport,
we will then share one of my 8 to10 day overland expeditions.
We will travel aboard my fully equipped Unimog 1300L expedition truck:
comfortable seats, big windows and the reassuring reliability of a
Mercedes-Benz and it's legendary off-road capability.
It would also be with great pleasure to create a totally individual route just for
you and your specific requirements. Should you have the desire to
come along driving your own 4-wheel drive vehicle, nothing could be easier:
My Toyota LandCruiser HZJ 78 has been specially prepared just for that
If you would like any more Information about our programme please
contact 'Spaces and Places' at

Your Spaces and Places team